What is HSSA

Healthcare System Safety and Accountability Inc. brings together a diverse and experienced group of advisors. We apply a systemic and non-linear approach to understanding healthcare events.

Experience has shown that many well-intentioned interventions that seek to improve quality and safety in healthcare using traditional approaches have not accomplished the desired goals. Indeed, they often “backfire”.

Healthcare services in the 21st century are delivered by diverse teams, groups and facilities, in a constantly changing environment. Together they form a complex adaptive system. This is a matter which has not been well recognized or studied, at least in healthcare.

It only makes sense that efforts to improve services and reduce preventable harm to patients should rely on methods and tools that are appropriate to such complex systems.

HSSA Advisors are dedicated to providing an innovative approach to solving the problems confronting healthcare leaders and providers in an increasingly non-linear world.

To see an overview of some of the questions that such an approach will raise and respond, see the HSSA Concepts tab on the left.